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Corey Martin Transaction Possibilities

Corey Martin

We want our clients to allow us to help them in as many ways possible so they can focus on what matters most to their success.


Erin Crieghton

We created Transaction Possibilities to allow agents, teams, businesses, and individuals the ability to hand over the paperwork, marketing, or time-consuming task we can easily handle for them. 


Transaction Coordination

Handling transactions of any kind is a full-time job and one that takes away from more profitable tasks such as meeting with clients and closing deals. Why waste time with the clutter of outsourceable work? Let us help you coordinate your transactions from start to finish. We can take one piece of the puzzle or the entire process. You decide where your time is best suited and we will handle the rest for you.

Business Growth and Marketing

In business and life in general sometimes change is what is needed. However, knowing what that change should be, where it should be, or when it should happen are hard to figure out. Let Transaction Possibilities bring an insight that only can come with outsourcing the things that cause you to lose focus on what matters most in your life and business. 

Book Keeping

Don’t let your receipts, invoices, or account balancing get out of hand.  We understand these are necessities of running a company, but they also get in the way of you being able to make more sales. We can handle this consistently and efficiently for you so you can make more and have more free time. 

Just a few of the many options we offer our clients.